Episode 31- The Yeti, Calf Skins and a Forest Floor

Discussion about the Yeti 400 lithium/ solar upgrade for the Airstream, location scouts for youtube channel; abandoned farms and a forest over looking the Beaver Valley, calf skin heads with wood hoops on Whitney Penguin nesting drumkit for up coming forest session....

coyotes, and their lure for dogs, contact mics working on the cell phone, Tape-op podcast, and how a camping trip with my son has inspired to find new drum sounds.

Episode 28- Buff Allen Returns

We take the Airstream to the trusty graveyard near Walter's Falls to chat over the phone with west coast jazz drummer Buff Allen. Disussing everything from loosing his old friend the Canadian jazz guitarist Ed Bickert, tuning his drums, guitarist Pat Coleman, navigating the new music economy, the skeleton breakdown of basic rhythm, his days at Ayotte Drums and how the dead live on in his playing. 

Part Two: Veteran Jazz Drummer Buff Allen

In this episode via phone from Bowen Island BC, we have guest Buff Allen again. Buff is a Canadian veteran jazz drummer who has worked with the likes of Lenny Breau, Mose Allison and winning a Juno award with Hugh Frazer, just to name a few. The conversation weaves all things drums, to the state of the music industry, Jimi Hendrix and fatherhood. Very pleased to have him back on the show for a nice relaxed chat. www.buffallen.com

Episode 20- Fall update; The Airstream and Beyond

A croaky update about finding the sweet-spots in the curves of the Airstream, John Cuniberti consulting on the AEA R88 OneMic concept, a new guitar [Recording King Dirty 30’s], writing in a dingy Halifax Motel, A facinating studio story about 10cc recording the 1975 song ‘‘I’m Not in Love’’, 2 new Plugins [Waves API 2500 and the F6 EQ]. Possible new bassist that comes from the old school of touring Canada from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

Episode 19 - Scoring for ''A Void In Ice'' Sailng The Northwest Passage

Discussion about scoring for the documentary series ''Avoidinice''. Two men have recently left in a 39 ft sailboat from St Catherines Ontario loaded with food and supplies to navigate the Northwest Passage of Canada and head south to Hawaii and beyond. The Jawshop is scoring for this series, and the writing/ recording process[s] are discussed. Also updates about the Airstream mobile studio, a recount of a visit by London sound-engineer Oscar Cainer, a Conn Organ fix, a suitcase speaker build, re-purposing dormant studio gear, Waves J37, AeA R88 ribbon mic, Danelectro Fab Echo and more thoughts about what to mix for.