Please contact stating your needs, budget, sample rate and artistic needs of your project. I enjoy getting great creative drum sounds and feels that will be customed to your needs. I will provide engineering, drumming and the studio.

  •  There are three kits available with lots of snare and percussion options. 1920's 26 inch calf skin bass drum with vintage snare drums, small openly tuned jazz kit, a suitcase busking kit, and a vintage Gretsch kit are all available. Large plywood stomp board with army boots, a 6ft bottle-capped ugly stick, obscure junk yard percussion, calabash and traditional percussion lurks....

  •  Drum files can be returned edited, processed or just raw.

You will get:

• Clearly labeled multi mic stems. All tracks will be .WAV files at an agreed upon sample and bit rate. All tracks will be consolidated to the session start.

•2 takes of each song.

•Samples of the individual drum sounds used in the track.

•Stereo drum track as to how I hear the drum mix.  




Once I have received your tracks and  discussed all pertinent information I will make sure I have everything I need to start recording your drums. If I require further information I will contact you as soon as possible. You will then receive a PayPal invoice for the full amount. Once payment is received I will send you your tracks within 72 hours. If I can not meet this deadline, I will let you know before proceeding with payment. I am open to the many budgetary needs, and happy to work around them.