The Jawshop is both a home for film composing; hosting a large library of compositions, and a work place that caters to creative projects. Designed for capturing performances, writing, and the expansion of ideas, the Jawshop has many functions to suite your musical needs, and any or all combinations described can be employed. Once we have an idea of your needs and your budget, we can come up with a plan that will serve your music. 


The Ribbon Traps

Heavily inspired by The OneMic series by John Cuniberti, our AEA R88 Ribbon mic, and the AEA mic-pre can capture a well rehearsed band, duo or solo act live-off-the-floor with incredible quality. This style of recording is rooted in the traditional process used well before multi-tracking, and the quality of the mic is quite frightening. Essentially it is 2x omni-directional mic[s] in the Blumlein pattern, thus capturing the entire room and its acoustics. John Cuniberti has been offering valuable technical support to The Jawshop through email consultation. This process pleasantly inspires the musician to get the best sound out of their instruments.

The musicians need to be well rehearsed, or well seasoned in collaborative improvisation, always remaining sensitive and responsible to the volume and dynamics of the music.

The song[s] is played and mixed in real-time, with no overdubs. Strategic placement of instruments and sound sources [amps, drums etc] takes a bit of time, but eliminates a load of time due to no post-mixing! The result is an honest documentation of the performance, rather than a built song from the process of editing and multi-tracking. It is important to note by this simplification of the recording process, using the AEA R88 mic, it paradoxically can help musicians build stronger bonds. Rather than book more recording time, bands will often book more rehearsal time instead, and become a tighter performing unit. Also great for touring acts that are road ready.

 Please visit OneMic (the minimalist recording series) for many great examples and inspirations of this style of recording. 

Using the Airstream as a control [and tracking] room can open up the use of many remote recording environments. Being totally off grid with lithium batteries and woodstove, spaces such as unused churches, abandoned farm houses, field recordings etc are all now possible environments to consider. We have access [15 min away] to a remote hunting cabin, and a local village church. 


The Jawshop Proper

The Jawshop as a studio is a creative multi-track workspace designed to move quickly in pre-mic'd ''environments'' ready to go. Artists can experiment and use obscure and traditional sound sources to build their sonic landscapes. Singer/ songwriters can develop ideas, or embrace new ones using the many instruments available, from tin cans to electric guitars to old drums.

Another experience offered is to break-the-back on learning basic recording techniques. If you are a player or songwriter that wants to learn the basic rudiments of recording, you can be instructed along the way. Learn the foundations of tracking and mixing, so you can turn your laptop into a powerful tool and later capture your ideas.

TheJawshop Podcast is always there to allow the artist to hang out in recorded conversation.

Film scoring has become a natural progression at The Jawshop. Years of recording song/soundscapes has found homes in documentaries, and small films. Capturing a mood for the visual has always been in the wheelhouse of the Jawshop.  Click here for the youtube channel for many examples.

The Airstream unites all these functions discussed. It enables the artist to choose a recording environment, a place to stay [sleeps three comfortably], is a control room, has unique tracking acoustics, and offers an inspirational writing environment. 

In conclusion, we can come to you and record, we can offer tour support with the Airstream, and given the right venue we can record your gig, if indeed it isn't a loud environment. Or you can come to us and make avail all the things The Jawsahop has to offer.




  • Remote drum/ multi-instrumental recordings available for your track[s]. There are many combinations of drum and percussion options. 1920's 26 inch calf skin bass drum with vintage snare drums, small openly tuned jazz kit, a suitcase busking kit, and a vintage Gretsch kit are all available. Large plywood stomp board, army boots, a 6ft bottle-capped ugly Boot stick, obscure junk yard percussion and traditional percussion also lurks.. Sessions available starting at $75 CAN a track.

  •  Drum files can be returned edited, processed or just raw. 

  • Session musicians available on hand; including pedal-steel to electric and acoustic guitars, bass, violin, flute, sax, clarinet and seasoned singers.


  • - early 70's vintage Gretsch drum kit [22, 13, 16] with many cymbals, heads and snare options

  • - custom Whitney Drums 'Nesting Penguin' jazz drumkit [16, 8, 10, 13]

  • - loads of obscure percussion; handmade sounds, calabash, gourds, springs, large stomp board etc

  • - musical suitcases, conga and frame drums, timbales, etc

  • - electric guitars, vintage nylon and parlour acoustic guitars

  • - Yamaha electric bass

  • - 5 string banjo

  • - trombone

  • - vintage spring reverb units

  • - a selection of small old guitar amps

  • - AEA R88 Stereo Ribbon mic

  • - AEA TRP2 mic Pre

  • - Logic Pro X

  • - 2x Presonus Firestudio interface

  • - Steinburg USB 2 input interface for field recording

  • - TL Audio Mic pre's

  • - Focusrite outboard-compressors

  • - Lexicon 500 outboard-effects

  • - ADAT LT 20 recorders [come mix down old tapes!]

  • - Tascam 4track cassette recorder

  • - Tannoy Reveal/ Marsland/ Yamaha NS10 and Mackie monitors

  • - Akai M8 vintage 1/4' stereo reel-to-reel tape machine.

  • - an assortment of large diaphragm, pencil, dynamic and homemade contact microphones

  • - access to on-site tuned upright piano for over dubbing.

  • - small cheesy Hammond organ with pitch control.

  • - Conn tube church organ

  • - 1963 Heathkit shortwave radio

  • - tool shed for repairs and the fabrication of ideas!

past associations: Smuggler's Records, Jode Goffe's The Day The Moon Left